• The 2019 Benefits Open Enrollment period has closed.

  • Continue using your 2018 plans through 12/31/2018.

  • If you made enrollment changes during Open Enrollment, your new coverage will take effect 01/01/2019.

  • ID cards for new or changed enrollments will be mailed to your home in mid to late December.

  • Anthem Medical plan enrollees (EPO & PPO) will also receive new ID cards this year reflecting new Group and ID numbers for 2019. Be sure to update your providers with any new Group/ID numbers for services on or after 01/01/2019. If you do not receive your new Anthem Medical ID card by the first of the year, contact the care coordinators. NEW 2019 Anthem Medical Group Numbers are as follows:

    ·         282098M001 – California EPO

    ·         282098M003 – California PPO

    ·         282098M004 – Non-California PPO (Ohio, Colorado, Field)

    ·         282098M005 – Utah EPO

  • A new FSA debit card will only be issued for first time enrollees on our Navia Benefits FSA plan. If you were enrolled in FSA in 2018, and you made a new FSA election for 2019, you can continue using your Navia Benefits debit card into 2019.

  • If you experience a qualifying life event outside of Open Enrollment, you can initiate a corresponding benefit change in Workday within 30 days of the event. Instructions for making enrollment changes due to a life event can be found here.


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Bind Medical Insurance

Bind is an innovative, lower cost, comprehensive medical insurance plan that has rewired your health benefits to be on-demand. This means you’re covered for what you need and have the flexibility to add more coverage if or when you need it. You definitely need to learn more about this new approach in health insurance and demo the Bind website before you make your 2019 enrollment decisions.

To learn more: