Teammate Assistance Program - Anthem EAP

This program is a free service that is available to all teammates in the US. Counselors with our Anthem EAP are equipped to talk through a range of issues with you such as: researching childcare/eldercare options, dealing with financial troubles, personal or work relationships, substance abuse, legal issues. Should the EAP recommend in-person counseling sessions, you are eligible for up to 6 free sessions through our EAP. This service is also available for anyone living in your household. All contact with the EAP is confidential. 

Helpful tip: If the EAP arranges for in-person counseling for you, it's good practice to request a list of counselors in your area from which to choose, then cross reference the providers with those participating in your medical insurance network. If you end up continuing to see your EAP counselor beyond the 6 free sessions, the cost may be covered by your medical insurance, in which case using a network provider will help keep your out of pocket costs to a minimum.

The Teammate Assistance Program is provided by Anthem, and can be accessed here:

Phone: 800-999-7222, Code: SBC