Specialized 401(k) Plan

All teammates will have a 401(k) account in their name with Fidelity. Upon hire, new teammates have the chance to elect the default deferral amount of  4% of pretax earnings, another percentage, or to opt out of the program. Specialized will match 50% of your pre-tax and ROTH contributions to an annual match maximum of $2,500. Changes to deferral elections can be made anytime through Fidelity and will typically take effect the first pay period of the next month. Investment selections are also made on the Fidelity account site, where you can also research more details about each investment option within the plan.

To see information about plan limits, click here.

You can manage your 401(k) directly through Fidelity's site or app. If you prefer to get help over the phone or need site assistance, contact Fidelity Participant Services at:  800-835-5097.

To make an appointment with our 401(k) investment advisors, email: 401khelp@theabdteam.com.

For a copy of the Summary Plan Description (SPD), click here

Specialized Profit Sharing Plan

The Profit Sharing program is another component to the retirement savings plan. Profit Sharing is a discretionary contribution made directly to 401(k) accounts for eligible teammates. The company will decide at the end of each Model Year whether a contribution will be made based on business results. The contribution amount may change from year to year depending on business results, and is not guaranteed.

To learn more about eligibility, go here.

Some common FAQs about Profit Sharing:

Q:   What if I don’t participate in the 401k plan? 

A:    All Specialized teammates in the US have an account within our 401k plan at Fidelity. Even if you do not participate in the 401k, there is an account for you because you may be eligible for Profit Sharing contributions. If you are eligible for Profit Sharing, the contribution will be deposited to that account.

Q:   How much will the deposit be?

A:    The total amount the company sets aside each year for profit sharing is a discretionary figure. If you receive a Profit Sharing contribution, you can view the amount by running an online statement of your 401k account on the Fidelity portal. Look for a contribution labeled Profit Sharing on the Source Summary tab.

Q:   Can I get my Profit Sharing contribution paid out in cash instead of putting it in my 401k account?

A:    No. The Profit Sharing benefit is a component of the 401k plan, not a cash bonus. Further, there is a vesting schedule that applies to Profit Sharing dollars, which is managed through the 401k plan. Vesting schedule can be viewed here.

Q:  Where can I get help finding more information?

A:   For assistance using your Fidelity portal or for questions about your account, contact Fidelity Participant Services:  800-743-5274.

RETIREMENT PLANNING Financial Consultant

All teammates can take advantage of free retirement planning advice through our partnered consultants. 

Contact ABD for help via email at: 401khelp@theabdteam.com. Let them know you are a Specialized teammate and would like to schedule a time to discuss your retirement account.