2019 Medical Insurance - California Teammates


Contact Information 

Bind Help Team: (833) 576-6494, Email: help@mybind.com.

Bind “Pre-Member” Site - Access Code: Specialized2019 (use this site to research coverage, costs, and search providers before you are enrolled)

Bind Member Site (use this site after you are enrolled)

Anthem PPO or EPO Customer Service: Contact Quantum Care Coordinators, (888) 970-7977

Kaiser HMO Customer Service: Contact Kaiser, (800) 464-4000



Bind On Demand Health Plan Summary, Bind Overview w/ Add-In List, and Certificate

Anthem PPO Summary & Certificate

Anthem EPO Summary & Certificate

Kaiser HMO Summary & Certificate

Glossary of Health Care Terminology


The below chart compares the in-network costs for certain services. Refer to the plan documents for non-network costs and detailed descriptions of coverage. 

2019 CA Medical Plan Options.png